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Trip to Salt Lake City

Manitoba Genealogical Society
is planning a possible Group Trip
to Salt Lake City
from May 17th to the 24th 2015.

Send an email to if you are interested, or if you have any questions.

Their website is

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Catholic Parish Reocrds

Press release from the National Library of Ireland:
We are delighted to announce that we will make the NLI’s entire collection of Catholic parish register microfilms available online – for free – by summer 2015…
…Commenting today, Colette O’Flaherty, Head of Special Collections at the NLI, said: “This is the most ambitious digitisation project in the history of the NLI, and our most significant ever genealogy project. We believe it will be of huge assistance to those who wish to research their family history. At this stage, we have converted the microfilm reels on which the registers are recorded into approximately 390,000 digital images. We will be making all these images available, for free, on a dedicated website, which will be launched in summer 2015.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's New at Durham Records Online:

What's New at Durham Records Online:

Gateshead Primitive Methodist Circuit baptisms 1855-1867

778 baptisms on the Gateshead Primitive Methodist Circuit from Nov 1855 to the end of June 1867.
Abodes are on both sides of the Tyne and, in addition to many streets in Gateshead, include Ballast Hills, Bensham, Bewick Main, Bill Quay, Blaydon, Carr's Hill, Derwent Haugh, Dunston, Felling, Heaton, Heworth, High Felling, Kibblesworth, Low Fell, Mount Pleasant, New Gateshead, Newcastle, Quarryfield, Rabbit Banks, Salt Meadows, Sheriff Hill, South Shore, Stourbridge, Swalwell, Teams,  Westmoor (Long Benton), Whickham, Windmill Hills, and Windy Nook.
  • 3 Apr 1856 Lydia Jane Thompson Marshall, of Newcastle, child of Mark Marshall (bricklayer) & Mary Ann Marshall
  • 1 Oct 1862 George Gillander, of New Gateshead, child of John (chain maker) & Barbara Gillander
  • 14 Nov 1867 John Whitecock Drysdale, of Garden Street, Gateshead, child of John (baker) & Catherine Drysdale

Morpeth baptisms & burials 1813-1840, marriages 1813-1836

At Morpeth St. Mary the Virgin in Morpeth district, Northumberland, from the Bishop's Transcript:
  • 2,940 baptisms covering 1813-1840
  • 2,503 burials covering 1813-1840
  • 556 marriages covering 1813-1836
Abodes mentioned include Abbey Mill, Alnwick, Baremoor, Bedlington, Benridge, Bothal, Broad Law, Bullers Green, Catchburn, Clifton, Coal Burn, Cock Hill, Cottingwood or Cotton Wood, Dovecote Mill, Dunses House, East Mill, Heighley, Heley Wood, Hepscott & Hepscott Moor, High Church, High House, High Stanners, Lonsdean, Mitford, Morpeth, Morpeth Castle, Netherton, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newminster Abbey, North Shields, Park House, Pegswood Moor, Pottery Bank, Shadfin, Shaws, Sheepwash or Shipwash, Shilvington, Spring Hill, Stobhill, Tranwell, Ulgham, Watch Hill, Waterside House, and Wideopen.
The first few baptisms show the mother's maiden surname, but unfortunately that custom ceased quickly:
  • 9 Jan 1813 James Willis, of Morpeth, son of Thomas Willis (stationer & printer) & Dorothy Nicholson
  • 8 Aug 1829 Maria Spraggon, of Thorney Ford, daughter of Ralph (farmer) & Esther Spraggon
  • 1 Mar 1832 Ann Cutter, of Morpeth, daughter of Dorothy Cutter (spinster)
  • 8 Nov 1840 Catharine Donkin, of Morpeth, daughter of Samuel (innkeeper) & Ann Donkin
Sample burials – this parish had some very long-lived folk, and some soldiers passing through:
  • 14 Jan 1815 George Jewitt, of Park House, age: 99
  • 12 Apr 1823 Jane Taylor, of Morpeth, age: 105
  • 14 Nov 1833 Ann Scott, of Morpeth, age: 106
  • 9 Apr 1839 Joseph Phillips, of [the] 7th Dragoons, age: 47
Sample marriages:
  • 17 Sep 1814 George Atkinson (bachelor), of the parish of Heworth, Durham married Mary Elizabeth Ismay (spinster), of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Dorothy Ismay, John Atkinson, Jr
  • 5 Jan 1835 Robert Swan Fothergill, of this parish married Elizabeth Atkinson, of the parish of Monkwearmouth, by licence
    Witnesses: John Bates, William Bates

Dinsdale baptisms 1556-1769, burials 1562-1768, marriages 1564-1812

We have added the earliest available records from Dinsdale St. John the Baptist in Darlington district:
  • 254 baptisms covering 1556-1769
  • 211 burials covering 1562-1768
  • 136 marriages covering 1564-1812
The earliest dozen or so baptisms don't show the parents. Godparents are included until March 1663. Very few mothers are named. The occupations of fathers start appearing in 1749 and are nearly all "farmer” or "labourer”. There are no baptisms in the register between March 1570 and Sep 1627.
Sample baptisms:
  • 25 Jun 1556 Christopher Place
    Godparents or Sponsors: Christopher Place; [blank] Rychardson; Margery Allynson
  • 10 Jan 1660 George Peacock, sonne of Thomas Peacock
    Godparents or Sponsors: George Peacock junior; Thomas Wilkinson; Margarett Kitchin
  • 21 Oct 1707 William Wren, son of Ralph & Alice Wren
  • 30 May 1756 Catherine Rowntree, daughter of John Rowntree (farmer)
There are no burials in the register for 1641-1657, 1688-1695, and there are many smaller (typically 2 to 4 year) gaps. Sample burials:
  • 9 Aug 1579 Mrs. Marie Place, wyf of Mr Robart Place
  • 6 Apr 1663 Robert Cockfield, sonn of Xpofer [Christopher] Cockfield
  • 10 Mar 1768 George Curry, brother of William Curry, farmer
There are no marriages in the register for Feb 1637 to Jan 1663, June 1686 to May 1697, and June 1713 to Feb 1723, and there are many smaller (typically 2 to 5 year) gaps. Sample marriages – the middle one is unusual because it names a parent:
  • 3 Jul 1564 Mr. Antonye Place, of this p[ar]ishing married Mrs. Elsabethe Lampton, of the p[ar]ishing of Stanton in ye Street
  • 18 Jun 1706 Matthew Tayler, of Bedale married Margaret Thompson, daughter of Mary Thompson (of Middleton One Row)
  • 20 Oct 1807 William Tasker, of the Parish of Hurworth married Elizabeth Walker, of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: John Theakston, Mary Theakston, William Horseman

Jarrow: Sheldon Street Congregational baptisms 1920-1971

103 baptisms at the Congregational church on Sheldon Street in Jarrow, South Shields district, from 1928 to 1971, plus one in 1920. Unlike Anglican baptism registers, none of these baptisms include the father's occupation.
  • 7 Dec 1920 William Eric Dodds, of 29 Coquet Street, born 16 Nov 1920, son of William & Lilian Dodds
This church had been on Sheldon Street since about 1868, but these are the only surviving baptism records. We're not sure if they didn't perform baptisms there earlier than 1920, or if the registers simply did not survive. In 1972, the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches joined to form the United Reformed Church.

Seaham Harbour Methodist baptisms updated

Updated 2,366 baptisms at the following Methodist churches in and around Seaham Harbour, adding father's occupations where available and abodes and birth dates or ages where they had been omitted earlier, plus 9 new baptisms we missed the first time around:
  • Seaham Harbour Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Tempest Place) 1876-1964
  • Primitive Methodist Church (Tempest Place) 1912-1933
  • Bourne Methodist Church (Tempest Place) 1950-1960
  • Parkside Methodist Church, Seaham, 1962-1968
  • Centenary Methodist Church, Stewart Street, 1950-1969
  • United Methodist Free Church (Church Street) 1864-1904
  • United Methodist Church (Church Street) 1950-1968
  • Free Methodist Chapel (Church Street) 1898-1911
  • Caroline Street Independent Methodist Church 1914-1967
  • Seaham Colliery Wesleyan Methodist (Cornish Street) 1870-1946
  • New Seaham, Enfield Road Independent Methodist Church 1926-1999, plus we added 82 baptisms to bring this collection up to 2014
  • New Seaham, Stanley Street Independent Methodist Church 1968-1999, plus we added 86 baptisms to bring this collection up to 2014
  • Seaham Harbour & Cold Hesledon United Methodist Churches 1924-1942
The information added varies by church. For example, Seaham Harbour Wesleyan Methodist recorded abodes and the age of many children, but not father's occupations:
  • 16 Oct 1878 Thomas Balls, of Adolphus St., Seaham Harbour, son of John & Sarah Balls, aged 5 weeks
The Independent Methodist Church on Caroline Street in Seaham Harbour recorded the father's occupations as well as the abode and birth date, and, most importantly, the mother's maiden surname (which we already had in our earlier version):
  • 12 Dec 1915 Sidney Gilmore, of 29 Nelson Street, New Seaham, born 19 Nov 1915, son of George Frederick Gilmore (grocers assistant) & Margaret nee Hughes, baptized by W. Foreman
If a major change, such as a name, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases.
This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district baptisms that are missing occupations, abodes, and/or birth dates.

South Hetton Holy Trinity marriages 1863-1930: details added

Added the missing ages, occupations, addresses, and witnesses to all 749 marriages at South Hetton Holy Trinity in Easington district, and added 6 marriages to finish out 1930. We now have fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages from the opening of the church in Feb 1863 to the end of 1930.
Sample before the update:
  • 8 Sep 1870 George William Neagle, full age, of Sunderland, son of Nicholas Neagle, married Ann Postle, full age, daughter of William Postle
looks like this after the update:
  • 8 Sep 1870 George William Neagle (bachelor, custom house officer), full age, of Sunderland, son of Nicholas Neagle (cabinet maker), married Ann Postle (spinster), full age, of South Hetton, daughter of William Postle (watchmaker)
    Witnesses: Robert Straugheir, Margaret Hannah Wright
We are working our way through our Easington district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago. Next up will be marriages at several Methodist churches in the South Hetton area, followed by Methodist churches of Seaham Harbour.
If you have purchased a marriage at South Hetton Holy Trinity, you should review it to see if any information was added or changed. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

South Hetton Methodist baptisms & marriages added & updated

Updated records at the following Methodist churches in South Hetton:
  • Richmond Street Methodist Church
    • added abodes and birth dates to all baptisms (1939-1969)
    • added ages, occupations, addresses, and witnesses to all existing marriages
    • added 40 marriages in 1924-1933 and 1948-1962, book-ending our previous marriage collection here, so we now have all of the marriages at this church (1924-1969) that are available at the Record Office.
  • Front Street Methodist Church
    • baptisms and marriages 1960-1969 were changed from Front Street to Richmond Street. The congregation moved from Front Street to Richmond Street in 1945 and back again to Front Street in 1969. Front Street was a Wesleyan Methodist chapel 1932-1944 and seems to have been a Primitive Methodist chapel the rest of the time.
    • added abodes and birth dates to all baptisms (1969-1985)
    • added 10 marriages 1932-1944 and 1977-81 to complete our collection of all available marriages at this chapel
Sample marriage at Richmond Street:
  • 3 Apr 1926 Anthony Burdess Dargue (bachelor, air engine brakesman), age 31, of 34 Pilgrim Street, Murton Colliery, son of Thomas Dargue (insurance agent, deceased), married Mary Moody Cook (spinster), age 24, of 4 Park Place East, Sunderland, daughter of Thomas Cook (miner)
    Witnesses: Thomas Cook, Priscilla Cook
Coming Soon:
  • Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1900-1909
  • South Shields St. Paul Presbyterian baptisms 1809-1968
  • Jarrow, Ellison Street Presbyterian baptisms 1857-1968
  • Stranton All Saints baptisms 1957-1977
  • Durham St. Cuthbert Roman Catholic baptisms 1841-1885
  • updates to Seaham-area marriages
  • In the queue: Longhorsley, South Shields St Hilda baptisms 1836+, Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1835-36, Rothbury, Hexham Whitley Chapel baptisms & burials 1843-1888, Whittonstall, Birtley St Joseph Catholic marriages 1846-1899, Sunderland Methodist baptisms, Hartlepool St. Hilda baptisms

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Scotland Valuation Rolls 1925

Scotlands People  announces that the Valuation Rolls for 1925 have just been added to the ScotlandsPeople website.

The new records, which are FREE to search, comprise 2,103,648 indexed names and 76,512 digital images. The Rolls cover every kind of property in Scotland that was assessed in 1925 as having a rateable value, and provide a fascinating snapshot of Scotland in the aftermath of the First World War. 

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Legacy Family Tree Webinar

Legacy Family Tree Webinar
Bagging a Live One -
Connecting with Cousins You Never Knew You Had
by Mary Kircher Roddy
December 17, 2014, 2:00pm Eastern
More Details & Registration

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This Weeks Branch Meetings

Just a reminder of the Branch Meetings this week
3rd Tuesday of the month


Weyburn Branch

3rd Tuesday except July and August

6:30 pm at Weyburn Public Library

3rd Thursday of the month

Saskatoon Branch

3rd Thursday of the month except July and August
7:00 PM in the Albert Community Centre,
3rd Floor, 610 Clarence Ave S.

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Alberta Genealogical Society

The Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS)
has a new website at

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School records at the Sask Archives

From the early days of settlement until the1960s there were thousands of school districts in the province, the majority of them rural. Over time, these school districts were amalgamated into new administrative structures (school divisions, school units), the size of which fluctuate over time. Records about the creation and maintenance of these schools, and about the education of Saskatchewan citizens, are acquired by the Saskatchewan Archives from the Ministry of Education, and are also acquired directly from former school districts, school divisions and school units.

Legislation and Records Retention Guides stipulate that records are to be retained by the school division office in the region where they were created, and some are to be transferred to the Saskatchewan Archives once they have been kept for the required time. However, in some cases, records from old school districts were kept by the last secretary-treasurer when the school closed; these records are occasionally acquired from private sources.

Education and school records document the establishment, maintenance, closure and re-organization of school districts/divisions/units, as well as the history of schools and divisions over time. Records that come from school divisions often include school building/yard blueprints and drawings, teacher contracts/agreements, board and trustee reports, debenture certificates, and budget information.
Access to records created by the school divisions and their predecessors is governed by The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

The Regina office of the Saskatchewan Archives has files created by the old Department of Education for each school district established in Saskatchewan. While these files do not contain the names of pupils, they frequently include information concerning the activities leading up to the school district's formation such as the original petition and the names and residences of the first ratepayers. School officials forms, which include the names of the trustees and other officials, some annual reports, and a few superintendents' reports are found in most of the files.

Also included in the Department of Education records are inactive Teachers Register Sheets, 1912-1938, which show the date, place of birth, and the educational qualifications of the teachers listed.
Access to ministry or department records is governed by The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. As a general rule this means that access to government records are restricted for 25 years in the case of administrative and policy records, and longer in the case of records containing personal or health care information.
For more information about accessing restricted records, please click here.
To access education and school records, begin your search in Threshold. However, as not all of our Collection is described in Threshold as of yet, you are also advised to contact Reference Services.

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Salt Lake City Trip May 2015

 Manitoba Genealogical Society (MGS)
is planning a possible Group Trip
 to Salt Lake City
from May 17th to the 24th 2015. 

   Send an email to if you are interested, or if you have any questions.

    Their website is

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This Weeks Branch Meetings

Just a reminder of the Branch Meetings this week

2nd Tuesday of the month


Prince Albert Branch

2nd Tuesday of the month except July and August

7:30 pm at the Lions Club Room in the Optimist Center,

Exhibition Grounds

This Branch meets occaionally at alternate locations



Yorkton Branch

2nd Tuesday of the month except July and August

7:00 pm at the Yorkton Public Library in the History Room

2nd Wednesday of the month
Biggar Branch

2nd Wednesday of the month except July and August


7:30 pm May to December


2:00 pm January to April

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Land Records at the Saskatchewan Archives

Some of the most heavily used records at the Saskatchewan Archives are those that relate to the land located within the province’s boundaries. In particular, the homestead files created to administer the dispersal of first Dominion, then provincial lands, have proven to be a rich source of historical information that reaches far beyond their routine administrative purpose.
Researchers may click on the titles listed below to learn more about:
  • the history and background of settlement on the land in Saskatchewan;
  • the legal land description system used in Saskatchewan;
  • how to find a homestead file or other land records for an individual or group that settled in Saskatchewan;
  • other land records available at the Saskatchewan Archives; and
  • Saskatchewan-related land records available at other repositories.
History and Background: The Administration of Land in Saskatchewan
Homestead Files at Saskatchewan Archives
Other Saskatchewan Land Records

Search For A Pre-1930 Homestead File

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OGS want to see the Long Form Census Reinstated

The Ontario Genealogical Society and Its Members Want to see the Long Form Census Reinstated

We have a chance to fight to reinstate the long form census. Ted Hsu, Liberal MP from Kingston and the Islands, has introduced a private member’s bill, Bill C-626, that calls for the restoration of the long form census.
In hindsight, it now appears that along with depriving family historians of access to family information in future censuses, the present National Household Survey (NHS) data has been found to be of “inferior and dubious quality” according to Muriaza Haider, a professor of management at Ryerson University. That makes the information of less value; decreases Canada’s chances of remaining globally competitive and makes the creation of public policy more difficult. Added to that is the fact that it was not obligatory to complete it.
What can you do?
Contact your local MP and request that she/he support reinstating the long form census. If you need contact information for your local MP go to the following website for the information
Write letters/send emails to the editors of local papers in your area.
Place messages on your Facebook page or group in order to spread the word and to encourage others to contact their MP and contact local papers.
Send a message of encouragement to Ted Hsu MP at
Alan Campbell
The Ontario Genealogical Society

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RootsIreland adds seven new databases for Derry City

RootsIreland adds seven new databases for Derry City has uploaded seven new record sets from Derry Genealogy Centre. Mostly compiled from Derry City record sets, these databases date from 1628 to 1921 and most fall into the category of census substitutes. They are: The earliest census of the city, namely the rent roll of 1628 The names of 905 men from Derry and surrounding estates who defended Derry’s walls during the 1641 Rebellion The names of 1,660 supporters of the 1689–91 Williamite campaign, many of whom fought at the Siege of Derry in 1689 The names of 226 citizens of the city who signed a petition condemning a Jacobite plot to assassinate King William III in 1696 The names of 110 leaseholders within the walled city in 1738 The names of 191 Derry men and women who were held in the County Jail on Bishop Street from 1839 to 1856 awaiting transportation to Australia Reconstruction of census for Derry city during ‘the Troubles’ of 1920, extracted from Derry Almanac of 1921, which names 8,367 heads of households against their street address and house number.You can check out the full range of records held on the RootsIreland database, here. - See more at:

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This Weeks Branch Meetings

Just a reminder of the Branch meetings this week


North-East Branch

1st Tuesday of the month except June to September

1:30 pm at Kerry Vickar Center

(Day Craft Room)