Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RSS Reader

Thanks to Olive Tree GEnealogy

Old Reader is going private in the next two weeks. So if you switched to
Old Reader as your solution to Google Reader being canned, you need to find
another one. Here are the details on Old Reader Blog as to why and when
they are closing Old Reader to the public "Desperate Times Call For
Desperate Measures" <>

If you are looking for a new RSS Reader here's a few you might want to take
a look at:

* <>:* Right now they are not accepting
free accounts. I tried to sign up this morning and there are 2100 people
waiting ahead of me for a free account. For $24.00 a year you can get a
premium account immediately. Free accounts have a cap of 64 sites. I may
try this one as the demo looked like it would do what I want.

* <>*: This is pretty popular and it synched
Google Reader feeds seamlessly before Google Reader was canned. I'm on
Feedly but have to admit I'm looking for a replacement. It is the most
popular of RSS Readers but it just doesn't suit my needs.

*Pulse: <>* I use Pulse on my iPad and I really like
it. It's more visually oriented than most readers but for iPad use I like

**: <> I signed up for a free account on
NetVibes this morning. It's easy to set up, you pick a topic of your own
choice or one of their popular ones, and NetVibes starts creating a
dashboard for you. After it created my Genealogy topic, it pulled in
hundreds of news stories, blogs and videos for me. Don't worry, you can
import specific blogs or websites. So far I am really liking NetVibes

IronReader <>: This RSS Reader is getting
some good press. I haven't tried it so can't comment but you may want to
check it out.

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