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Saskatchewan Genealogical Indexes Released on

Saskatchewan Genealogical Indexes Released on

The indexes of SGS’s major databases have been included on as of August 5, 2013.   The Saskatchewan Residents Index and the Burial Index are represented by entries that include the name, date and location of an individual.  A link for these two databases will bring the researcher to the database page at

The RCMP Obituaries and Change of Name indexes are included in full.

Saskatchewan Residents Index (SRI)

SRI is an ongoing program to index the names found in the local history books, Cummins Maps, Voters’ Lists and other resources that list Saskatchewan residents.  Currently there are over 3 million names and related data in the databases.

Burial Index (BI)

The BI contains the names of all names transcribed from Saskatchewan cemeteries that have been located by SGS volunteers.  There are presently 270,000 names on the index. 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Obituary Index

The RCMP Obituaries are from the Quarterly, a publication of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The index provides name, regimental number, and rank and indicates the volume and issue number of the Quarterly where you can find the obituary. The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Library has copies of the obituaries on file, which can be requested from the society for a small fee.

Change of Names

Anyone twenty-one years of age could now apply to the Provincial Secretary for a change of name.  Under the act no married man could apply to change his surname or the given names of his wife or their unmarried children under the age of twenty-one without the wife’s consent.  Also, no married woman could change her married name as long as her husband was living.

The application for the change of name stated the full name of the applicant, the place of residence and if applicable, the full name of the wife and full names and ages of any minor children along with the proposed change of name(s).  A notice of this application was then published in The Saskatchewan Gazette and the local newspaper circulating in the district the applicant resided.  Once these requirements were met the Certificate of Change of Name was published in The Saskatchewan Gazette, but without the ages of minor children.


Beginning in 1940 those who changed their name outside Saskatchewan could register the name change in Saskatchewan.  The change would then be published in The Saskatchewan Gazette.  In 1947 the Act was changed so the applications were to be made to the Director of Vital Statistics.  At that time an amendment stipulated that anyone over the age of eighteen who was married or widowed could change their name.  Written consent was now required for those children fourteen years or older before their name could be changed. Beginning in June of 1947 the Certificate of Change of Name was no longer published in The Saskatchewan Gazette which means we no longer know from the publication of the notice whether the change was actually approved or took place.


It should be noted that notices of change of names have been published in The Saskatchewan Gazette since 1917 but these cannot be used as a formal indication that the change took place. Notices continue to be published in The Saskatchewan Gazette to the present time. An index to the changes of names has been created - Changes of Name: The Saskatchewan Gazette 1917 - 1950.  The names are indexed by the original name and the new name and provide the notice date and the certificate number.  Contact Vital Statistics for Change of Name information.


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