Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fathers of Confederation Descendants, Are you one?

Fathers of Confederation Society

This lineage society, established by the Ontario Genealogical Society, is open to anyone who can

prove descent from one of these 36 officially-named Fathers of Confederation:

Sir Adams George Archibald,
George Brown,
Sir Alexander Campbell,
Sir Frederick Carter,
Sir George-Etienne Cartier,
Sir Edward Barron Chandler,
Sir Jean-Charles Chapais,
Sir James Cockburn,
George Coles,
Robert B. Dickey,
Charles Fisher,
Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt,
Col John Hamilton Gray,
Sir John Hamilton Gray,
Sir Thomas Heath Haviland,
William Alexander Henry,
Sir William Pearce Howland,
John Mercer Johnson,
Sir Hector-Louis Langevin,
Andrew Archibald Macdonald,
Sir John A.Macdonald,
Jonathan McCully,
William Alexander McDougall,
Thomas D’Arcy McGee,
Peter Mitchell,
Sir Oliver Mowat,
Edward Palmer,
William Henry Pope,
John William Ritchie,
Sir Ambrose Shea,
William H. Steeves,
Sir Etienne-Paschal Tache,
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley,
Sir Charles Tupper, Edward
Whelan, and/or Robert Duncan Wilmot.

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