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French by Société de généalogie de Québec.

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If you followed the introductory workshop to heraldry and want to deepen your knowledge in this field as the arms description (blazon), the heraldic vocabulary, different types of furniture, their shapes, attributes, etc., we you offer a workshop on November 2, 2013 13 am to 16 pm in room 3142. Moderator: Marc Beaudoin
It's free, no reservation is necessary

The Education Committee

September 18, 2013

A meeting with the people at the heart of frène
Nicole O'Bomsawin anthropologist

Sharing the lifestyle , traditions , migration and history of the Abenaki , we will learn more about those that are dubbed Angels of French .

October 16, 2013

 Cruise Saguenay (1840-1965) : a wonderful journey between nature and culture
Serge Gauthier, ethnologist , Charlevoix Historical Society

The days of " white ships " sail and steam , is also the prestigious hotels including the Manoir Richelieu Hotel Tadoussac as well as an important cultural production, particularly in the field of handicrafts .

November 20, 2013

Quebec , the capital of New France , 1712-1714
Andre Sevigny historian

300 years later, we walk the streets of the city while knowledge of large and small including the governor , the notary and the executioner. A fascinating description of Quebec at the time of the Treaty of Utrecht , premonitory event of the end of the French empire in America .

December 18, 2013

Criminal justice in Quebec in the nineteenth century
Donald Fyson , historian, Interuniversity Centre for Quebec Studies ,
Laval University

Lawyers and criminal courts and prisons, edicts , names , anecdotes, in a city undergoing industrialization , employment history and criminal records, and the genealogist these personal data , issues involved, interesting questions even exciting .

January 15, 2014

War of Canadians 1756-1763
Jacques Mathieu and Sophie Imbeault, historians

Using parish registers , the authors wanted to put names to the victims of this tragedy. They wanted to learn more about the fighters and their families, their sufferings, their tragedies and their broken dreams, not to mention the Acadian refugees .

February 19, 2014

Notre- Dame- de- Quebec, the first Catholic parish in French
" Earth to America."
Jean -Marie Lebel, historian

This parish , founded by Bishop Montmorency in Laval , Quebec was the only one until 1829 . His priests were often prominent and influential figures . The speaker presents them while recalling the history of the parish and its parishioners.

March 19, 2014

Make Heraldry in the 21st century - a review of 25 years of the Canadian Heraldic Authority
Claire Boudreau , PhD, Chief Herald of Canada

Medieval mind and appearance, the arms and the system have undergone significant changes over the last 25 years in Canada. Using examples , we discover the work of heralds and the arms of home that resemble those of our ancestors but have been adapted to the realities of modernity while maintaining the highest standards of discipline heraldry.

April 16, 2014

The emigrants of the French Revolution in Canada
Marcel Fournier , genealogist and historian

Between 1789 and 1800 , several French , nobles, officers and clergy fled their country in the throes of revolution. Spend more than a hundred in Canada. The speaker recounts the fate of a dozen of them.

May 21, 2014

Annual General Meeting
the Genealogical Society of Quebec

Genealogical Society of Quebec
Laval University City
Louis- Jacques -Casault Pavilion
1055 Avenue of the Seminary, Quebec
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