Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yorkton Branch Looking for back issues of SGS Bulletins

Lee Skilnick and Marge Cross of the Yorkton Branch have been sorting and filing the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Bulletins in the history room at the public library and find that several are missing. They are trying to fill in the missing bulletins and are asking you to check and see if you might have an extra bulletin that would fill in the blanks.

 Since our bulletins go back to 1970, missing bulletins are listed below.

1. All of 1977

2. All of 1978

3.All of 1979

4.#1,#3,& #4 of 1980

5.#1,#2,#3, & #4 of 1981

6.#2 of 1982

7.#3 September of 1990

Any assistance in filling in the missing bulletins would be appreciated.Thank you!


Dave Skilnick

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Yorkton Branch. 

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