Friday, November 15, 2013

Saskatchewan, Probate Estate Files, 1887-1931, Finding the Unexpected.

Finding the unexpected in the Probate Records
On FamilySearch are the Probate Records of Saskatchewan,
if your ancestor died in Saskatchewan there is a good chance they have left a paper trail with the courts.
I had known a great deal about my grandfather, that he had passed away suddenly of ruptured appendics and nothing could be done with his estate until my father turned 21, dad was only 5 at the time of his father's death so there are years of papers in the Court Records.
In 1994 I applied to the Provincial Court of Records in Regina to access my grandfather's records at the Court House in Moose Jaw, after much time and money I was granted access. I had to sit in the Court Office and look over these papers, it took many hours and I finally decided I would like a photocopy of some of them. So at a cost of  50 cents per paper I filled out my request order for 47 pages and went back a week later to pick them up. I still have them, they cost money and I just can't toss them.
A year or so ago the Sask Probate Records came online at FamilySearch and so I looked again. There are 230 page with a wealth of information, the same papers I had gone over so carefully in 1994. That I actually got to handle.      
However I did find one more receipt, making it 231 pages in total. The following receipt will confirm our famly connection when future generations come across this same set of court records. It's my receipt for the 47 copies I had made in 1994.

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