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This Weeks Brickwall, Can you help?

Louis Levias Lucia (1833 – 1905),

Brickwall – I am unable to determine the birthplace of my husband’s great-great grandfather, Louis Levias Lucia (1833 – 1905), the name of Louis’ parents and whether he had any siblings. (Note: many spelling variations of each of his names exist on the various documents found!  Surname variations are: Lucia, Lucha, Luchia.  Middle name is also shown as Lovias. First name Louis or Lewis. )

What I do know:
Family story is the surname was Lucier and the family was of French Canadian origin.  LL Lucia and his wife, Catherine, moved to southern Alberta in 1904 following their sons, Albert and William.  LL Lucia filed for a homestead but died soon after and the homestead transferred to Catherine. 

Birthplace (as shown) on the following documents:
1858 Marriage certificate – Vermont
1861 Census - USA
1871 Census - Ontario
1881 Census - Quebec
1891 Census - Quebec, parents born Quebec
1901 Census - Quebec
Note: 1920 US Census of Deckerville, Michigan, for son Alonzo Lucha shows father's place of birth as Canada however, Vermont is clearly crossed out with Canada written over top. 

Louis Insha/Vasha* age 22 of Harwich born Vermont son of Anthony & Mary marrried 8 March 1858 Catherine E. Baldwin age 18 of Harwich daughter of Samuel & Delilah.

*Transcription error with surname, obvioulsy handwriting was not legible.  I have observed an original specimen of his signature and can understand how the transcriber used this spelling. 

Military Service: 1866, L L Lucha received a medal for serving during the Fenian Raids.  The appeal for medals was long and drawn out.  Source: The First 200 years of Blenhiem & South Harwich

1861 Census - Howard Township, Upper Canada
Lucia, Lovias, USA, Baptist, Labourer, 27, married
Lucia, Catherine, Upper Canada, 22, married
Lucia, Margaret, Upper Canada, 2, single

 1871 Census of Canada - Harwich Township, Kent County
Lucia, Levias, 37, Ontario, Baptist, French, Labourer
Lucia, Catherine, 32, Ontario, Baptist, Irish
Lucia, Margaret, 12, Ontario, Baptist, French
Lucia, Alonzo, 9, Ontario
Lucia, Albert, 8, Ontario
Lucia, Charles, 4, Ontario
Lucia, Ellen, 1, Ontario

1881 Census of Canada - Harwich Township, Kent County
Lucia, Levias, 48, Quebec, Baptist, French, Labourer
Lucia, Catherine, 42, Ontario, Baptist
Lucia, Margaret, 22
Lucia, Albert, 18
Lucia, William, 15
Lucia, Ellen, 11                  

1891 Census - Harwich Township, Kent County
Luchia, Lavias, 57, Quebec, parents born Quebec, Baptist
Lucha, Catherine, 52, Ontario, parents born Ontario, Baptist
Lucha, William, 25, Ontario, f born Quebec, m born Ontario
Lucha, Ellen, 21, Ontario

1901 Census - Harwich Township, Kent County
Lucia, Levins, born May 13, 1835, 67, Quebec, English, Farmer
Lucia, Elizabeth C., born July 22, 1839, 61, Ontario, English

October 16, 1866, L. Lucha given 15, 16 SW side William Street, Shrewsbury, Harwich Twp, 1 acre, Source: "Crown Land First Patentees"  Land in Shrewsbury was sold October 25, 1904 to Augustus Hartford.  (Source: Kent Branch OGS, March 2007)

Possible sibling: Alonzo Lucha
Alonzo, son of Anthony & Margaret LUCHA died February 13, 1862 at 13 y's 9 m.& 2 d. (Source: Newcomb Cemetery listings, Kent County, Ontario)

1861 Census, Howard, Ontario: Alonzo is listed as "Lonzo Lucio", age 12, living with the Cameron family, Howard Township, Kent County, Ontario
Note: Louis & Catherine’s eldest son was named Alonzo

 Death: Louis Levias Lucia is buried in the White Lake Cemetery near Nobleford, AB.  His  headstone reads:
Lewis Lovias LUCHIA   Born May 13, 1833

Died February 23, 1905
Sandra Luchia (

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