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This Weeks Brickwall, Can you help?

John Collier Staples 1849-1850 ... Mother's Maiden Name

I have been trying to find out the names of my great grandfather’s parent’s and also the birth date of my great grandfather.

 I don’t believe his parents were married and I have no idea what his mother’s name was, although I think her last name was Staples.

This is the information I have so far on my maternal great grandfather:

Name: John Collier Staples
Born: 1849 – 1850
Died: Oct. 31, 1913 (have his obituary ribbon/bookmark) in Glossop, Derbyshire, England in his 64th year.
Buried: Nov. 4, 1913 in Glossop Cemetery

Census 1851 – age 2
Name is John Staples – living/visiting with grandparents John and Mary Staples

Census 1861 – age 12
Name is John Staples living with grandmother Mary Wild and father Thomas Collier.  Mary Wild was formerly Mary Collier and married Joseph Wild in 1841.  I have their marriage certificate.

 Census 1871 – age 21
Name is now John Collier living with wife Hannah (Sykes) and father Thomas Collier and Selina Collier (who is only 12 years older than John so assuming she is John’s step-mother).

 Census 1881 – age 32
Name is John Collier – head of household married to Hannah with children, Hannah, James, Thomas and Alice

 Census 1891 – age 41
Name is now John C. Staples – head of household married to Hannah with children, Hannah (Ann) C, James C., Thomas C., Alice C., Robert C., Walter C. (my grandfather),  and John C., and Sarah Jane C.

All the children have now been given the middle initial C. (Collier).

 Census 1901 – age 51
Name John C. Staples – head of household married to Hannah C. Staples, with children Robert C., Walter C. (my grandfather), John C., Sarah C. (all last name of Staples)

Census 1911 – age 61

Name John Collier Staples – head of household married to Hannah Collier Staples with children Robert Collier, Alice Booth, John Collier, Sarah Collier and grandchildren Walter Booth, George Booth and Thomas Wood.

 I have a copy of John Collier Staples death certificate stating his name as John Collier Staples and his son Robert C. Staples present at his death.  He died from chronic bronchitis and heart failure at 55 King St., Glossop, Derbyshire, England.

 I have a copy of his marriage certificate to Hannah Sykes, married on Jan. 30th, 1871 in Glossop.  He was a bachelor and Hannah a spinster.  Father’s name and surname is just a line drawn across for both of them.

 I have been searching on and also other genealogy sites, but no luck.  I did finally find some descendants of John’s daughter Alice Collier Staples who married Percy Booth, but they have no information other than what I have and they live in the Manchester area.

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