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This Weeks Brickwall, can you help?

Amelia Davis, was indeed a cousin of Jefferson Davis.

I have been researching my family history for almost a year and have quite enjoyed it. In a nutshell, here is my brick wall:

There has always been the family gossip that we are related to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States. Last fall I managed to track my line to my great great great grandfather,  William Henry Murray of Paris Township, Linn County, Kansas, on the maternal side of my father. In reading Kansas history I did, in fact, find a biography that stated that his mother, Amelia Davis, was a cousin of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate Sates.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Southeastern Kansas, Buffalo and Chicago Biographical Publishing Co., 1894,   pg. 241                

I have found a biography of Jefferson Davis from Rice University, that states the following about his father: 

Samuel Emory Davis, the father of Jefferson Davis, was born in Georgia around 1755-58. His father, Evan Davis, died soon after Samuel's birth, leaving his mother, Mary Emory Davis, to care for him and his two half brothers. Little is known of his formative years, but he was literate, indicating at least some formal education. Apparently following the lead of his half brothers, Samuel enlisted with the American forces soon after the beginning of the Revolution. He may have briefly been a member of a Georgia regiment, but the majority of his service was with South Carolina troops.

It appears as though Mary was married to a Williams, bore two sons, Daniel and Isaac, and became widowed. She then married Evan Davis and they had Samuel, who was to become the father of Jefferson Davis.

I'm not sure how valid this site is, but it states that Daniel and Isaac Williams were children from Mary Emory's first marriage. I believe that I am a descendent of Daniel.

My brick wall is twofold.

1. I would like to confirm that the mother of William Henry Murray, Amelia Davis, was indeed a cousin of Jefferson Davis.

2. I would like to find evidence that Daniel Williams Davis fought in the Revolutionary War as stated in the Jefferson Davis biography.

I have been in contact with the DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution, who, without seeing it, have verbally confirmed that my book of Kansas historical biographies should be considered a valid source.

Thank you
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