Friday, February 28, 2014

Google News Archive is back

Google News Archive is back
Google News Archive was first launched about four years ago (in 2010, I think?), only to disappear at some point in 2011. Much to the disappointment of those whose idea of a good time is to google their grandparents, and perform deep and detailed searches of online, digitized copies of old newspapers from the comfort of their own homes. Yes, I was quite disappointed, and I was not alone in my sense of loss and dismay. Not that all (or most, or any?) of the content of the archive had ever completely disappeared (I am not sure about this), but certainly the nifty and easy-to-use Google News Archive search interface was gone by August 2011.
In any case, Google News Archive is back, and I think the search interface is better than ever.
Google your grandparents! And your parents, and your great-grandparents too.
Google News Archive.

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