Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SGS Blog

Welcome to the SGS Blog,

We hope all Branches participate, thus promoting better communications between Branches and learn more about each other, presenting a unification under SGS.

Each Branch is a little different in what they do and how they do it and SGS would like to learn about each one, as to what their goal and ideas are.

Please comment on what you like and what can be made better. We're open for ideas.

We'd like submissions on
-Upcoming Branch Meetings, what's your Branch working on can any of us help.
- Have you heard about a Conferences others might be interested in.
-Share your findings with us, did you discover an interesting web site or unusual source or a family story
-Anything you'd like to share with the other members.
-What's new at SGS

Send your submissions to Subject Blog Post or post it in the comment section.

Pass this on! Our goal is to have more contact between Branch Members

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