Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Temple Gardens Ballroom Rockin' Celebration 2014

Celebration kicks off at 3 pm on Friday, Aug 29, 2014, in the Grant Hall. Unveiling of TG Ballroom architectural model with Sprigs & White Hackle pipes & drum. Meet n' Greet on Cordova Street where infor will be available.
There are 3 nights of on stage music IN the tent that will be set up at Cordova & Langdon, for the "Temple Gardens Ballroom Rockin' Celebration". You can buy tickets for each concert AT John's Music on Main Street in Moose Jaw as of Friday, February 14th, 2014. Each ticket to each concert is $19.21 (1921 is the year Temples opened) and that amount has the taxes already included in the $19.21 price).
Doors open at 7:30 pm Friday, Aug 29th for the Opening Night Nostalgia Concert with full seating for 600 people. Concert starts at 8pm with the big band sounds of the "Jazz Bandits" who will rock us through six decades of the music played at Temples from the 1920s Charleston to the rock n' roll of the 70s, and everything in between: orchestral, jazz, swing and much more! THEN the Mister(s) Brown of the infamous Moose Jaw band of the 60s & 70s: "Mozart & the Wolfgang" take the stage with a bit of the music they played at Temples and some of their fabulous new music. Prepare for a treat!
8pm, Saturday, August 30th, is THE DANCE NIGHT for 800 people who wanna rock. The band "TOPAZ" (Sandy Lawson, Ross Folkerson et al) opens the show with a couple of sets of rock music to warm us up until the Mister(s) Brown of "Mozart & the Wolfgang" take over for the night. Buy a ticket for Saturday night if you want to dance the night away: Saturday night is all rock n' roll with a big dance floor and very limited seating (just like the dance floor was in the Temples we remember). Saturday is the night to dance dance dance till who knows when! Also on Saturday night there just may be a (cross your fingers!!) premiere performance by the ALL girl "Temple Gardenias" (a group of Vintage babes is planning that now and it should be a hoot! Something to dream about when you finally get home and hit the sack).
Finally, Sunday, August 31st, is the final and REPEAT performance of the Friday night Nostalgia opening concert so read what is posted ABOVE (for the 29th) for that final concert; the tent will also have full seating for 600 on the final Sunday night.
Other events include: brunches, pancake breakfast, local musicians' jam session, Yvette Moore Gallery display of Temple Gardens Ballroom-inspired art, a luthier display and demonstration at the MJ Art Gallery, Cordova Street display of craft creations by local artists, and the promotion of all Moose Jaw sites and interests from the tunnels to golf, as well as dining and shopping.
Tickets to all the music evenings in the tent go on sale on Friday, February 14th, 2014 at John's Music on Main in Moose Jaw. Please go to the store or send someone to buy your tickets (they cannot be purchased over the phone). No refunds: if you end up not being able to use your tickets, sell or gift them to someone else. To buy tickets online via Paypal, email Roman (Melanie Churko )at
Tickets bought via Paypal will be held for you at John's Music (bring your receipt). Tickets will NOT be mailed as we wish to minimize the burden on John's Music (they're doing this for us for free). So pop by John's Music when you get to Moose Jaw and say hi to the great staff there, and pick up your tickets or ask someone to do that for you (but they need to have the receipt). Please do NOT lose your tickets. We will not be able to verify purchase if you lose your ticket.
All the other events and activities planned for the weekend will be FREE or will invite your donation. They are in various stages of confirmation but will be listed on the Promotional Poster we are readying for widespread distribution to Moose Jaw businesses and restaurants and on-line. Cannot finish that poster until we have all our sponsors and logos and confirmed events ON that poster so hold your horses: the poster cannot be printed until the first week in June (a limitation of the grant).Thank you for your patience. If you can hold your questions for now, there's lots of time and I'm sure they'll be answered on the poster.

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