Friday, December 5, 2014

Land Records at the Saskatchewan Archives

Some of the most heavily used records at the Saskatchewan Archives are those that relate to the land located within the province’s boundaries. In particular, the homestead files created to administer the dispersal of first Dominion, then provincial lands, have proven to be a rich source of historical information that reaches far beyond their routine administrative purpose.
Researchers may click on the titles listed below to learn more about:
  • the history and background of settlement on the land in Saskatchewan;
  • the legal land description system used in Saskatchewan;
  • how to find a homestead file or other land records for an individual or group that settled in Saskatchewan;
  • other land records available at the Saskatchewan Archives; and
  • Saskatchewan-related land records available at other repositories.
History and Background: The Administration of Land in Saskatchewan
Homestead Files at Saskatchewan Archives
Other Saskatchewan Land Records

Search For A Pre-1930 Homestead File

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