Wednesday, December 3, 2014

OGS want to see the Long Form Census Reinstated

The Ontario Genealogical Society and Its Members Want to see the Long Form Census Reinstated

We have a chance to fight to reinstate the long form census. Ted Hsu, Liberal MP from Kingston and the Islands, has introduced a private member’s bill, Bill C-626, that calls for the restoration of the long form census.
In hindsight, it now appears that along with depriving family historians of access to family information in future censuses, the present National Household Survey (NHS) data has been found to be of “inferior and dubious quality” according to Muriaza Haider, a professor of management at Ryerson University. That makes the information of less value; decreases Canada’s chances of remaining globally competitive and makes the creation of public policy more difficult. Added to that is the fact that it was not obligatory to complete it.
What can you do?
Contact your local MP and request that she/he support reinstating the long form census. If you need contact information for your local MP go to the following website for the information
Write letters/send emails to the editors of local papers in your area.
Place messages on your Facebook page or group in order to spread the word and to encourage others to contact their MP and contact local papers.
Send a message of encouragement to Ted Hsu MP at
Alan Campbell
The Ontario Genealogical Society

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